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Additional Social Distance Project Ideas

If you are in a drive-thru restaurant, pay for the person behind you

Call or text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and let them know you are thinking of them

Adopt an animal from the Humane Society

Order dinner from your favorite local restaurant

Order something from a local business online

Send a note of appreciation

Say hello more often to strangers

Do yard work for a neighbor

Paint/clean up graffiti

Pick up litter in your neighborhood or on a walk

Bake a treat or a meal and deliver to someone else

Wear a transparent mask and smile at everyone you see

Try to compliment 10 people today

Declutter your closet and donate those items you’re no longer using

Donate $ to a charity

Offer to walk someone’s dog for them – bring along a poop bag 🙂

Bought too much toilet paper? Donate it!

Offer to wash your parents’ car – and do it

Be a virtual mentor buddy

Donate blood

Organize a neighborhood food drive